DD4: Elena Kulikova, 2016



The is no Planet B. Right now we only have Earth, we've been searching for a Planet B but there is none so far, only possibilities of distant stars that may be habitable. But why even search for another planet when we are so eager to destroy our current one and leave it behind? Too many powerful groups with financial gain in mind have taken our planet into a negative state, and I hope we can all make the turn to let it heal again and live in a natural abundance though sometimes I question if it’s possible simply because our population is constantly growing and we have needs for food and other things that use a lot of natural resources.
My artwork includes a model in a body of water showing a conceptual image of the state of our ocean that I imagine is in a lot of pain. The is no Heaven or Hell, I feel that our Earth is Heaven in many ways - beautiful and magical, and yet we’ve chosen many times to make it Hell by fighting each other and killing other species. I hope we find peace to make it Heaven.