DD5: Desislava Desseva, 2017

Personal Curator Selection from Open Contest - "Choose Your Emo(ji)tion" by Desislava Desseva. Desislava will also present interactive installation at the exhibition.


"Choose Your Emotions"- interactive installation

Ever wondered what Your face would look like in The Digital Era? What shape would Your true personality have?
Distortion takes place in Your everyday attempt to re-imagine Yourself and Your "public face" in front of the world. You start appearing with numerous faces on numerous apps and devices, presenting Your emotions with "emoji", appreciating, liking, dis-liking, overwhelming with joy, sadness, anger, surprise, easily expressing love. In the future You'll even be replaced by a humanoid/ non-humanoid avatar, appearing in VR- Facebook chats...
Are You prepared to meet Your new digital self?
My work explores the perception of emotions in The Digital Age - can You really express Your unique emotional state by choosing from a predefined list of icons (emoji), did You notice when feelings became more of a choice, a voluntary decision rather than a state of Your so called "hearth and soul" ...