Digital Decade 5
Digital Decade 5
Competition & Exhibition run by Designcollector Network

Digital Decade: Cyberia

25-27 August 2017, London


Delivered by:

Event identity: Ruslan Khasanov


Digital Decade 5th Edition

Phygital Art Collaboration including Print, VR and other contests to feature artists in a London exhibition

Designcollector Network invites artists to reflect on the idea of newborn Digital Ethnos that is changing the world's common value system. With various mediums: VR, Video Art, Projection Mapping, Interactive Installations, Prints - the Digital Decade 5: Cyberia involves artists and audience to the visual dialogue on geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes happening under the ongoing digital shift of humankind


Cyberia The Unknown Territories shaped by Digital Ethnos

— Main Theme




King Deluxe x Beeple VR Contest

Create a VR Scene in Unity for VRChat
Deadline — 14 August

Best Works will join VR Section of "Digital Decade: Cyberia" Exhibition

Digital Decade is happy to be a partner of King Deluxe VR initiative "Be That Little Dude"

Beeple, aka Mike Winkelmann, has been famously driven to create at least one new work every day for the past decade, and has inspired many others to do the same.  Not only that but he’s also made a ton of popular VJ loops, as well as a few much more ambitious videos that he works on throughout the year.

King Deluxe wants to bring some of Beeple's creations to life in virtual reality.  The idea is to interpret his illustrations and videos in any way you feel like interpreting them.  You’ll build your scene using Unity, while plugging in an SDK from the social network VRChat, which allows one to easily upload their worlds to the metaverse.



Sedition Art Challenge


Best video art submissions to be projected at exhibition

We're pleased to collaborate with Sedition Art Platform to present an Open Call for video artworks to be presented in an exhibition in London. Digital Decade 5: Cyberia is an exhibition of VR, video art, projection mapping and interactive installation taking place at London's Ugly Duck from 25-27 August 2017. Submit your works for the chance to have your works presented on the Sedition Frame in the show. Artists are asked to respond to the geopolitical, environmental, social changes happening in the digital age.

Deadline for submissions: 31 July 2017, 11:59 GMT
Winners will be announced one week following the deadline.

Create a Fake Flag of Cyberia

Go to - create a flag that represents you as a Digital Ethnos, save it and share on Instagram with #cyberiafakeflag #digitaldecade5 mention @fakeflagnet and @digital.decade

Best submissions to be projected at exhibition

Don't have time to submit Print, VR or Video art? Than this small and fun challenge is right for you. Exhibition artists Mircea Mocanu & Tudor Prisăcariu presents their personal project Fake Flag

Fake Flag is a digital experiment that explores notions of national identity, multiculturalism and globalisation.In these times of uncertainty and division, we believe design can act as the universal language that traverses all nations and promotes unity.

Phygital Exhibition

25 – 27 August, 2017
London, UK

We are extremely happy to won the Creative Season Summer 17 at London's Ugly Duck residence in August for 3 days

The Digital Decade 5 “Cyberia” is a group show based on artworks and installations selected by a group of partners and curators mainly from Digital and Video Art fields. 

Phygital Exhibition includes immersive experience in Physical and Digital works to be done in Prints, VR, Interactive and Projection Mapping installations. You make it - We deliver!



The warehouse was historically a Victorian tannery and many original features survive today. In addition, the site offers a walled yard, a rooftop with views of central London, and a sparse industrial concrete garage space.