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Digital Decade special intervention during the AntiArtFair (by Creative Debuts, London). October, 2018
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2nd Special Edition of 2018

Creative Debuts platform invited Designcollector to curate interactive part of the Anti Art Fair in London this October

Putting the creators at centre stage, The Anti Art Fair will be a direct response to the sterilised, exclusive and money driven ‘art world’.

The Fair takes place between Thursday 4th October and Sunday 7th October in Peckham and will be hosted by Creative Debuts, champions of emerging artists and curators behind the recent sell-out Nasty Women Exhibitions in London and founder of Designcollector Network, curator of Digital Decade phygital art events.  

Working with a range of partners to showcase a new wave of thinking, The Anti Art Fair will be a voice for change in the art world.

Expect to see works from international artists and designers who are disillusioned from the status quo, including immersive installations, feminist and LGBT art, and innovative techniques and styles from the stars of tomorrow.

For the Anti Art Fair, Digital Decade selected 2 artists: Tom Webb and Giacomo Carmagnola to represent the case and install the massive performance, interactive piece and projection mapping.


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