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    IT’S HERE! To celebrate 10 Years of Designcollector Network we set up the poster contest “The Digital Decade" earlier this year. The winners got their prizes and 15 finalists exhibited at OFFF2013 in Barcelona. Now it is time to show all the participants under one cover. New DCMAG#3 features all works from "The Digital Decade" as well as 94 pages of awesome content including huge interviews with top professionals of graphic design. Get your hardcopy to reveal also a dozen of Russian Illustrators you hardly heard about and go deep to the Visual Overdose right from the pages of brand new Designcollector Magazine or simply DCMAG!

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  3. Designcollector's Digital Decade exhibition settled down at Depositphotos Kyiv Office

  4. And the 3rd Winner of The Digital Decade - Jonathan Wilkins aka DINES from BLUP Studio with his prize from Depositphotos.com prize Wacom Bamboo! Follow Designcollector to get news on next great collaborations, be positive, earn prizes and fame!

  5. The winner of Digital Decade - Vladimir Tomin with his prize Wacom Cintiq presented by Depositphotos.com

  6. Our winner Xavier Bourdil shares the photo of the 2nd Place prize! Congratulations and many thanks to our sponsor Depositphotos!

  7. The Digital Decade Finalists artworks has been exhibited at OFFF 2013 Festival in Barcelona on 6-8 June. 15 prints celebrated the 10 Years of Designcollector.net 

    Massive thanks goes to the sponsor of The Digital Decade exhibition - Depositphotos Image Stock and to the OFFF Festival organiser personally Hector Ayuso, Judit Farre and Dot Lung.

  8. The Digital Decade Winner

    1st Place

    Vladimir Tomin


  9. The Digital Decade Winner

    2nd Place

    Xavier Bourdil


  10. The Digital Decade winner

    3rd Place



  11. The Digital Decade Winner

    Special Prize

    Zakharia Mesropov


  12. The Digital Decade finalist 05

    Sebastian Andaur


  13. The Digital Decade finalist 07

    Sorin Bechira


  14. The Finalist 08

    Nicolas Monin-Baroile


  15. The Digital Decade Finalist 09

    Markus Baier