The Anti Art Fair

Digital Decade special intervention during The Anti Art Fair running by Creative Debuts, London, 4-7 October, 2018


Creative Debuts will launch The Anti Art Fair at Copeland Park in Peckham this October.

The new Fair aims to disrupt the traditional art world, with over 50 international artists exhibiting across two showrooms and a satellite workshop venue around the corner at Peckham Springs. 

In the Creative Debuts Showroom, the hosts have selected 30 emerging artists from across the world to take on the topic of identity. This will be a London debut for many of the artists and a wide range of styles and mediums will be in the room.

The second showroom features the Nasty Women International Feminist Allstars, curated by NYC based The Elijah Wheat Showroom. The global feminist movement will present 21 international stars of feminist art in a thought-provoking exhibition.

As addition, Creative Debuts invited us (Digital Decade) to curate interactive artists that share the idea of the Anti Art Fair. For this show we called Giacomo Carmagnola you may know from our own installations, and Thomas Webb - the digital magician you’ll never forget. Their work to occupy the venue among other 50 artists during 4 - 7 October, 2018


Giacomo Carmagnola

Giacomo work is a silent protest against the sanity happening in Art World - bribed, corrupted and overpriced, hiding behind the innocent mask of a “Nun”

Thomas Webb

Another, and new for us, artist we represent at The Anti Art Fair is Thomas Webb. Already dubbed by WIRED as a “Digital Magician” Tom occupied the TED scene few times

“Working with his team, Webb starts with an idea and together they build the hardware and software to make it happen. He’s worked with Microsoft, IBM and Samsung to design shows around their products, and in 2017 he impressed America’s Got Talent judges by controlling the audience’s phones. He calls this “hacker simulation” – the effect of a hack without breaching any systems.” - WIRED

For the Anti Art Fair, Tom prepares something special you won’t miss - a life performance with a robot hand assist and interactive installation that will make you believe in magic of Internet again.

The Anti Art Fair is a celebration of creativity and a call for greater diversity in the arts. We are frustrated by how incredible artists remain undiscovered due to the inaccessibility of the traditional art world. We want to blow that door open for them and hope that this new Fair can be the start of real change in the sterile industry.
— Calum Hall, Co-Founder of hosts Creative Debuts

Creative Debuts is a platform celebrating the brightest emerging artists and designers.

“Born out of frustration, our aim is to make art more accessible and to tackle the hurdles faced by undiscovered creatives. Our mission is to celebrate the incredible undiscovered artists that go under the radar and make art more accessible by bridging the gap between the creative and commercial worlds.

We sought to distort the art market and get people noticing the amazing talent that goes under the radar.

Most recently, we started hosting set-piece exhibitions and they've been a runaway success. Our collaboration with Nasty Women on International Women's Day caused queues around the block in London, our protest exhibition on Trump got widespread attention and we've just got back from a major showcase in New York.

The Anti Art Fair is our biggest celebration yet and we hope to make it a flagship event in the art culture in London.”