Future Selves: Winners


Future Selves

Pop-up Exhibition at FutureFest London, 6-7 July

After few sleepless nights, 20 members of Jury Panel selected 3 new winners from 50 shortlisted submissions we selected from more than 120 entries on Ello Future Selves artist call.
Please welcome the winners:

Essence Ransome

Model: Cassia Preston

"Our future selves lie in our own hands. We have the opportunity to either create something beautiful or destroy what we already have" - on Ello


Alycia Rainaud aka Maalavidaa

"I'm Alycia Rainaud, a French graphic designer and digital artist. I started working almost two years ago as a digital artist also known by the name of Malavida, mostly experimenting with new technologies, digital painting, programming, and visual effects. My work always focuses on expressing anxiety and mental disorder through abstract art and an alternative digital dimension."


Jarid Scott

"The more technology progresses the more we live in a wireless post-cloud world. But what happens to us when we've uploaded our entire lives into a digital cloud and the cloud comes down? How much can we be broken down and glitched until we are no longer recognizably ourselves?"