DD5: Jose Montemayor, 2017



Jose Montemayor is an emerging visual artist and visionary pioneer based in london whose work are transcending traditional media. his early career followed a traditional path to success. he obtained a diploma of independent digital photography at seneca college of applied arts in toronto, canada, while assisting leading photographers in toronto. he then further developed on refining his skills at the university of the arts london, where he received an (ma) in photography.

Jose Montemayor speaking at Digital Decade 5

Jose Montemayor speaking at Digital Decade 5

For Digital Decade 5 we teamed up with leading London VR Entertainment Studio "Virtually Mine" to create the immersive atmosphere of the whole show's "Cyberia" concept. It was a total success when Jose Montemayor, invited by Virtually Mine, brought his installation "Virtual Awakening" to the Tanner Street 47 venue.


Virtual Awakening
Death is only the beginning

By realizing the potential and urgency that  art has to evoke awareness, we have taken the next step to merge virtual reality with thought provoking art to create immersive experiences combined with profound realizations about the viewers perception of reality.

"Our first completed project "death is only the beginning" is based on a conceptual representation of a near death experience (NDE)."

All photos by Antony Kitson

All photos by Antony Kitson