DD5: Daniel Armengol Altayó, 2017


"i am a strange loop"


"i am a strange loop" is an interactive installation created by Daniel Armegnol Altayo, representing the idiosyncrasy atmosphere around the selfie trend. With a TV, iPhone and a drop of humour the installation quickly became the heart of "Cyberia" show.

A mirror mirroring a mirror. A selfie as a projection of the self. Artificial intelligence proficient at recognizing its surroundings, capable of learning and even dreaming. Psychedelia. 

The result is an aesthetic reflection, executed with hardware and software with the default factory settings, which correctly aligned have the power to hypnotize us with a visual effect, strangely organic. 

An interface, deeply immersed on observing its own self, posing and taking selfies, folding endlessly in a vain exercise of technological introspection. An exercise that we can interrupt at any moment by standing in between of the devices, and so fall into an altered state of shared consciousness.