There is no Planet B

Few people are more revered in the 21st century for changing our world for the better than Steve Jobs. His creative ideas, forward thinking vision, and intuitive design have had a tremendous positive impact on our society. However, there continues to be the threat of a steep environmental cost to pay for this technological wealth – a technogenic catastrophe in the making for our planet if we don’t commit ourselves to the reality that There is no Planet B.
There are two sides to every coin. My work captures the pure force empowering the Steve Jobs legacy – combined with its potential legacy to our planet’s environment. Even with all of Steve Jobs accolades, we can imagine our blue skies clouded by solar spheres harnessing the power of the sun turned red by pollution. To the green forests – glazed and polished to be more attractive since nature alone is not strong enough for them to survive in this new world. Then – when our planet is no longer enough – an overwhelming desire takes over to harness our greatest power and energy to expand into the universe.

My work illustrates how fragile things really are and how easy it would be for the pendulum is to swing in a catastrophic direction. We always need to remember that There is no Planet B.