Digital Decade 2, 2014 St.Petersburg

Digital Decade 2

Give me a Future

Digital Decade II at OFFF on Tour Saint Petersburg, 12-13 July 2014

For the second time the "Digital Decade " contest gathered talented artist aimed to create the visual respond on a "Give Me the Future" motto of the OFFFSPB Festival 2014. The challenge was accepted and in a short time we got a dozens of artworks.

The best of them won high prizes. 15 selected artworks were exhibited at the first ever Russian edition of the OFFF Festival held in Saint Petersburg and delivered by IKRA Design School and 2Nova studio.

Digital Decade II 2014 Winners

Digital Decade II 2014 Artists

Digital Decade II 2014 Runner Ups

Digital Decade II 2014 Jury Panel


VR Exhibition by INDEE

INDEE Interactive (now Cerevrum) helped us to build a virtual exhibition with Oculus Rift. You can still try it in Safari, Firefox on this website


Artworks on the walls of Depositphotos Office

Arseny VesninTKACHI