300+ Artists Entered Cyberia

Nearly 300 artists entered the annual Open Competition organised by Designcollector and Ello.co Now it is a time to select best 10 artworks from a Shortlist that will join a London Exhibition


Announcing Ello x Digital Decade Open Contest

As a Digital Artist you are invited to reflect on the idea of a new-born Digital Ethnos - not a race or ethnic group but digital people that are changing a common value system right now. “Digital Decade 5: Cyberia” involves artists and audience to a visual dialogue on a geopolitical, environmental, social and even interstellar changes happening under the ongoing digital shift of a humankind. We are looking for Artists to submit an Artwork created Specially for this cause. Best 10 artworks selected by a prominent jury panel will join the “Digital Decade 5” Exhibition in London in last days of Summer.

How to Submit on Ello

  • Register on Ello.co Creative Platform

  • Create a Special Artwork (read the Brief below)

  • Post submission on your Ello Account and include your name, a link to your portfolio, your location, and 2-5 sentences about the art you’ve submitted

  • Use #DigitalDecadeCyberia tag and mention @digitaldecade in the post on Ello

Want submit more? Simple rule - one post for one Special Artwork. Create more posts if you want to submit more works

Feel free to use any tool to create your artwork. But take a look at our Media Partners - Glitche App This ultimate tool for creating cutting-edge art won hearts of thousands creative people including celebs like Nick Knight etc. You can upload hi-res images as input in app, to create same hi-res artworks suitable for printing.


Contest Dates

June 7, 2017 - July 5, 2017 at 11:59pm GMT

*Winners to be announced in a week after the deadline. Jury panel will be shared soon!

Exhibition Dates

August 25, 2017 - August 27, 2017. "Ugly Duck” Tanner St. 47/49, London SE1 3PL

Cyberia: The Unknown Territories shaped by the Digital Ethnos

CyBERIA: Digital Decade 5

Brief for Ello x Digital Decade Open Contest

Who is “Generation Z”? Are they post-millennials? The Last Generation? Regardless of their name, this cohort is growing up and quickly reshaping digital culture. Emojis, Snapchat, memes, viral trends and virtual reality are in their DNA. Will they be the creators of new crypto-currencies, autopilot vehicles, p2p technologies or faces the AI takeover? As this tech-savvy group get older, it seems less and less likely that they’ll be the last generation.

And with them, our world continues to change to become more digital, to become a “Cyberia.” What’s going to rule 2027? Remember 2007? There was no Instagram, Twitter was a year old, your Mom still wasn’t on Facebook and the economic crisis was looming. Now imagine 2027. Will there be no more countries, boundaries, walls, government, finances and old economies?

Just like Gen Z is shaping 2017, an increasing focus on the digital will continue to influence the dec. Are we going to face artificial intelligence in it’s glory or downfall, live without borders, use hashtags instead of IDs, pay with a unified currency, eliminate religious conflicts and poverty with unified technologies and practices. What is Cyberia and who or what will be a part of it?

Technical Details

Static Image (Poster/Print) only!

Scale - 2:3 (3:2) Landscape or Portrait

Note that you must have hi-res version of the Submission, at least 20x30” 600 dpi sRGB JPG

No Limits but

Please don’t use any WORD/TEXT/LOGOS on your artwork unless it is proved by a strong concept. Strongly avoid to use third-party images/photography and ideas without having a legal right to do so

Submissions are closed

Terms & Conditions for Artists